Monday, October 26, 2009

new music...

I know what you're are thinking I'm going to talk more about Christmas music.  I love my Christmas music (as you already know), but it's not the ONLY kind of music I listen to (I know...shocker!). 

I've had several opportunities recently to receive advance copies of various CD's - in exchange for listening to them and sharing my thoughts about them here on my blog.  I've been listening for a few weeks and now it's time to start sharing my "reviews."

First up - Brandi Carlile's newest CD "Give Up The Ghost."


Now I'll be perfectly honest and tell you that I had not previously heard of Brandi Carlile.  I didn't know who she was or what type of music artist she was.  That being said...I believe I've actually heard some of her songs before - she's had several songs featured on Grey's Anatomy (which I watch online, late at night, when I'm really I do more listening than watching).

As I started listening to the album, I couldn't get my Grandma Nye's image out of my mind.  The music was a little bit "folksy" (like my Grandma liked - I can imagine her dancing around her kitchen with this music playing) and a little bit "country" - but really it was neither.  I'm not sure how I would label her music...but her voice is beautiful.  And the fact that she writes/composes/plays/'s the whole package - and from what I understand, seeing her perform live is absolutely amazing. 

Anyway, back to the album...My favorite songs were "Dying Day" and "Caroline" - they were both very up-beat and have tunes that just stick in your head and make you smile. It's definitely an album I'm incorporating into my ipod mix.

You can listen to samples, download songs, and order the CD HERE.  It's definitely worth listening to - you may find a talented artist to add to your list of faves!  (Now if she'd just put out a holiday album, I would be a super happy girl!)

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  1. I think I stopped listening to the radio when I started having kids!!! lol
    I too LOVE Christmas music!