Friday, August 14, 2009


Is it weird that sometimes I actually LIKE doing laundry?  Don't tell anyone.  I guess it's not the actual washing that I enjoy...and it's not the sorting either.  It's the drying.  At least in the summertime.  I love love love having a clothesline so I can hang my clothes out to dry.  Don't worry - I still dry the unmentionables and the towels in the dryer...but everything else gets pinned up on my clothesline. the crispness and the fresh scent.  Love it.


So when I first laid eyes on this fun scrapbook line, the boyfriend, by Cosmo Cricket,  I knew I needed to make a page all about my clothesline obsession.


And so it is with tremendous sadness that I report the loss of my beloved clothesline. 

Early this summer, we purchased this:


And it now resides directly in the path of my old clothesline.  I know the play set will bring hours and hours of joy and fun to the kids...and that makes me very happy...but in the mean time, I'll be missing my fresh, crisp clothes!!

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