Thursday, June 25, 2009

we have a champ in the house...

Meagan's softball team has had a great season.  They have played hard and practiced a lot.  It all paid off at the tournament held on Tuesday night (finally...after being rained out for over a week).  They played a game at 6:30 - a nail-biter (it was all about the pitching) - and won.  So they advanced to the final game played at 8:15.  This game was much faster-paced and lots of fun to watch. 

The girls put their hearts into each and every play - and came out on top!  I completely forgot to get my camera out for the first game - and by the time I remembered to go and get it during the second game it was getting the pictures leave much to be desired, but I'm still glad we have them to document her big night! It was especially fun to have Grandpa and Grandma, some Uncles, an Aunt, and lots of cousins at her game - thanks for supporting her, guys!



woohoo Dodgers! :O)


  1. congrats meagan!!! that is so cool! and btw ... joe is a huge dodger fan ... he would love if our girls were lucky enough to be on a team like her's. lol!

  2. How did you get the "polaroid" look to your photos? Congrats on your champ!

  3. I am a newcomer to your site! It's wonderful!

    Is that a font you used or your handwriting? I love it either way, but if it's a font I could use, that would be great! Thanks.