Friday, May 29, 2009

where I've been...

...not far, actually.  Just buried in pictures and product for the last few weeks. 

Here's a peek at the pile of layouts I've completed.


[24 layouts -- 8 are 2-pagers]

Wish I could share them all...but they are for a fun project and I'm not sure if I can share yet. :o)


I've spent LOTS of hours right here at my table...but there are other things I've been doing as well:

  • cleaning, decorating, and organizing my room (which I'm happy to say is complete!)
  • celebrating Memorial Day
  • lots of laundry
  • a preschool graduation
  • last day of school for the big kids
  • building a play set
  • campfires with our friends
  • walking in the mornings
  • a manicure (my very first one ever...and it's part of the project above, believe it or not)
  • lots of baseball games and practices
  • first aid/CPR training with the YW
  • and so much more! 


Hopefully I'll have some time toward the end of next week to catch up on everything!

I'm so glad school is out and summer can officially begin! :o) 


  1. i have missed you more than you know, my friend :)
    i know you have been creating up a storm ... and love seeing this little peek. it looks like lots of amazing layouts! can't wait to see more!
    all this end-of-school-year stuff is crazy ... so super busy. hope you're finding time to relax some too!

  2. Yummy! That looks like a fun pile there girl! I can't wait to see what your up too - I'm sure it's something awesome! hugs!

  3. Thanks for tempting us! I'm dying to see each and every page. I get such inspiration from your layouts. I hope you can share soon.

  4. wow!! i can never scrap that much in a month!! haha...

  5. whew!! Sounds like you have been super busy!! I can't wait to see the layouts and find out what the fun project is. I miss seeing you every week, we need to get together for a morning walk or something!