Tuesday, May 12, 2009

one spoiled mama...

That would be me.  My family really spoiled me this year on Mother's Day. 


Meagan has been spoiling me for a month...she gave me the two books a few weeks ago, made the wall hanging in Achievement Days and gave it to me early, and then she also made the keychain and drew a beautiful picture on a card in school for me.  Josh painted the flower pot in Scouts last week.  Josh also begged Brad to take him to Provo so he could buy me a necklace with his own money.  I told him to save his money and just make me a card...but he insisted.  Brad took him last week, and on Sunday Josh gave me two super cute necklaces that I just love - and knowing that he insisted on buying them with his own hard-earned cashola makes them even more special.  Seth decorated a cute flower pot in preschool...and the kids all made fun cards for me in Primary.  My parents gave me a nice necklace/earrings set that will be perfect for Sundays.  Brad completely spoiled me by buying me the point and shoot camera I have been wanting for a while (just like his). 

The best part of the day was just relaxing, hanging out at my parent's house, and letting the cousins all play together.  Low-stress and relaxing - the best kind of Mother's Day!

A couple of quick family pictures snapped by my sil, Karli:


(ignore the squinting eyes - we were laughing at my brother throwing Blake up into the air behind the camera...he was trying to get all of the kids to look toward the camera at the same time - it sure did the trick!!)

And a picture of me and my sweet mom:


  1. wow, looks like you had an awesome mother's day! look at all those wonderful presents your kids got you ... sounds like they put some thought into the perfect gifts for you. and gorgeous photos ... you have a beautiful family!

  2. It looks like you all did have a fun day.

  3. Love the pics. The ole "don't smile" trick worked :)