Monday, March 23, 2009

how i spent my monday morning...

Wow, you guys had some fun guesses (meeting with a publisher (and thanks a TON for thinking that was a possibility, by the way), picking up a friend from the airport, spending the kid's day off school doing something fun)...and some not so fun guesses (um, obgyn, taxes, doctor, etc.).

Unfortunately, my monday morning excitement came in the form of the "not-so-fun" type of thing. WYNNETTE, you were right! I had to go to the dentist. The endodontist to be exact. For a root canal. Yes, another root canal. If you recall...I just had one last September...apparently, that wasn't enough...or I had a jealous tooth. Dang, not only are they PAINFUL and inconvenient, they are EXPENSIVE. Oh well. At least that tooth shouldn't hurt anymore...once it heals from it's trauma this morning...

I know, you are SO jealous, aren't you?!? Well, once again, ibuprofen is my friend. (And so is my endodontist...I'm making him a rich man, lol.) Seriously, though, if you're in the market, drop me a line...I'll give you his name and number - if you have to have a root canal, you might as well go to a good endo.!

And, WYNNETTE, please let me know which idea book you prefer out of these:

Paper Crafts 101

Stamp It! Cards 2009

Paper Crafting with Kids

CARDS, March 2009

Now let me leave you with something a little more fun (I hope) than root canal talk:

spring_break_layout spring_break_details

This spread is in the current issue of Creating Keepsakes...all about Spring Break last year...something I'm looking forward to again this year - especially since the SNOW has returned today...


  1. Whooo-Hoooo! I won, I won! I'm so excited, I had a co-worker help me decide which idea book we'd enjoy most, so I'm choosing the March Cards 2009. Thanks, Wendy!!

  2. congrats wynette! where did the tooth photos go?!?! lol! it was kind of gross to see, but yet somewhat interesting ... since i've had lots of those done to me. super cute layout ... love how you get so many photos on your layouts!