Saturday, February 07, 2009

one week into the kitchen remodel...

I thought it would be fun to document our little kitchen remodeling journey here on my blog, so if you're not interested in kitchen do-overs, no need to read any further. :)

January 29th:

This is how our kitchen looked before we started:


January 29th and 30th:

I spent the majority of these two days removing the kitchen decor, emptying cabinets, cleaning out everything.

(no pictures of the empty cabinets)

January 30th, Friday evening, late:

We put the kids to work (lol). 

Brad removed the pantry door and started tearing out the shelves and wall. 

Of course, the kids wanted in on the action.

013009_josh_pantry 013009_meagan_pantry

January 31st:

Here's how the kitchen looked when we woke up this morning.

Last night, we worked on the pantry, took out a few cabinets, and moved the fridge:


Here's my favorite handyman, cutting the pantry wall:


Is it even fair to call this little thing a pantry? 

It was about 18" wide on the inside and sure didn't hold much...I'm so glad it's gone.

And pulling out the pantry:


Here's proof that I actually DID help...and didn't just stand around watching and taking photos.

I know, you're super jealous of my fabulous hairdo, right?


Further proof that I was on the jobsite (Sonic Diet Coke with cranberry and lime):


Sunday, February 1st:

Of course we didn't do any work on the kitchen - we rested.


Monday, February 2nd:

Not much happened on Monday either. 

Emptied the last of the cupboards, cooked our final meal prepared in this kitchen.


Tuesday, February 3rd:

This is the day I fell on the ice, so I was basically worthless as far as helping with the kitchen went.

I did manage to drive to home depot to pick out paint colors and look at light fixtures.

Brad finished removing the cabinetry and appliances.  I didn't take any pictures.


Wednesday, February 4th:

Here's now the kitchen looked first thing Wednesday morning:


(ewww...I know)



and by Wednesday afternoon, it looked like this:


No more ugly gray tile!!


While I was at Young Women's, my Dad and brother dropped by to help Brad put up the sheet rock on the inside of the wall (where the pantry used to be). 


nevermind the gap on the back, there will be a beautiful wood pantry covering it very very soon.

Thursday, February 5th:

Another early morning photo from the hallway:


The plumbers were here to move the water lines from the old sink to the island area, where the new sink will sit:


Friday, February 6th:

The tile is set...


Saturday, February 7th:

As I type, the tile guy is here adding mocha grout between these babies:


Brad and I painted a coat of primer on the walls early this morning.

We also painted the first coat of the paint that will be between the upper and lower cabinets (and behind the fridge).

It'll look great when we get another coat or two down.

So, here's a b&w of that wall...anybody want to guess what color we're painting it?


More to come...


  1. i did know you were doing a kitchen remodel ... but yet, somehow i wasn't picturing an entire demolishion. lol! so great you got all these pictures along the way ... it looks like it's all coming along pretty fast. i'm totally stumped on the wall color. from the picture, i want to say you're doing black chalk paint. lol! is it some sort of mocha or brown color?

  2. Hey Wendy, you guys are AWESOME. We remodeled our entire place before we sold it last year and it was painful (granted, we weren't doing any of the work ourselves...). YOu are so lucky that your family is so handy!

    I am sorry we didn't manage to get together over the holiday. My kids started throwing up Chrimstas Eve (here in CA) and we didn't all get better until last weekend. We all had flu, strep, colds, etc, etc. We were just trading it. Our trip to Utah was germ filled and everyone was pretty grumpy. Even my mom didnt' want to see us by the end..... we are planning a trip in the spring and (barring violent illness) we are meeting for a Ranch Burger!

    I love your blog. It is so pretty and inspiring.

    P.S. I think that the kitchen is Orange. I always have an orange kitchen....

  3. I think red.....

    how fun that you are getting a new kitchen!!

  4. WOW you are ambitious! I can't wait to see the end result.

  5. love the photo's and everyone helping out! I so want to do that to my kitchen it's 20 years old and still the same LOL

  6. Gotta love remodeling! I would guess dark red...

  7. Wow! You are so ambitious. I love the tile, and can't wait to see what else you chose.

    oh, and paint color. I'm going to guess a brown?

  8. Wendy,
    Thanks for sharing - love this stuff - in any form! Keep the photos coming - so fun! And so glad I'm not doing it!

  9. Hey Wendy,
    I'm or brown. I cant wait to see the end result. How fun for you, well, I don't know how fun the remodeling has been, but it will be fun when its done anyway!