Friday, July 11, 2008

another week...

I can't believe it's been another whole week since I sat down to update my blog. Summer is simply flying by...

Our 4th was so much fun. We spent most of the day up at Mom & Dad's Pond, four-wheeling. It was so gorgeous up there - I love spending time there and wish we could go more often. The kids all loved riding the four wheelers.

We took some grates and made a bridge over the little creek. Brad was a hero and saved the life of a poor little was caught in fishing line and basically tied down right to the ground. I know if we hadn't found him, he wouldn't have made was hot and there was no way he could have gotten out himself.

(This is his little friend - or sibling - who led us to him.)

We also did a little fishing...actually it was just casting out and reeling in (there were no hooks or bait involved), but the little boys didn't realize that.

We spent the evening with family - bbqing, celebrating my brother's birthday, and ending the day with fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks. It was a great day!

Somehow I missed posting about the final day of my travel album challenge on the Making Memories blog. Here are a few images of my completed album.

Oh, I also got my hair cut. Brad even told me it looked good as soon as he saw me (with no prodding from me), Meagan said she liked it better (whatever that means, lol), and even the little neighbor girl who is four said, "Meagan's Mom, (that's what she calls me) I like your haaa-ir." So apparently, it was time to chop it off and change it up!! Usually when I do something to my hair it's not even noticed by anyone but me.

I'm leaving in a few hours for a mini scrapbooking retreat in Midway. I'm excited to spend a few days with friends, scrapbooking and having a fun time. Speaking of which...I had better get my stuff together so I have something to work on when I get there!


  1. Ah, you need to post a picture of your hair! ;o) Have fun on your retreat! :o)

  2. Glad you guys had fun celebrating.

    I agree. Where is the hair picture? You cannot leave us hanging like that. :)

  3. glad you had a great week! love your firework pictures! and yes, i want to see your new haircut too! sarah was saying the same thing the other day ... "you look so much better WITH your glasses". i wasn't sure how to take that. lol! now i have a complex and wear the glasses even when i don't need them. lol!

    have a great weekend! hope you get a lot accomplished ... and find time to relax!

  4. I'm glad you are having such a fun summer. I want to see hair pics too!!