Friday, December 07, 2007

quick holiday cards...

I created some cards for today's post on the Making Memories blog.
I am completely embarrassed by the typo in the text though...I even double checked the original document I sent to them. Guess what? I actually wrote the correct word, and it was changed on their end. I wrote "began," and they changed it to "begun..." I suppose it's not really a big deal except it makes me sound like a hick (and it seriously is one of my biggest pet peeves, you know). Oh well...the cards were fun.

It's snowing hard. very hard. piling up. It's not even light yet, but there are several men outside revving up their snowblowers. Those things are so noisy. Oh well, one of our neighbors actually cleared the sidewalk in front of our house. How nice is that? I'm staying inside where it's nice and warm and dry. I'm also going to drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music all day. perfect.


  1. Thanks for the ideas. I wanted to make some cards for the troops and these are perfect.

  2. love the cards wendy! i can proof-read something about 10 times ... and i'm sure i'll still miss something. lol! i'm a terrible speller!

    good luck with all the snow! we had rain (although a light rain) the entire day yesterday ... and all i wanted to do was stay inside. those days are kind of a nice change!