Thursday, June 28, 2007

this week...

...has been a really productive week so far! The kids and I have tackled some big projects around the house (washing the walls, organizing the basement, cleaning out the garage, etc.). It feels SO good to have so many things done - and we still have a list of projects to complete over the next weeks (one project at a time). I love when the kids are cooperative and I am actually in as good of a mood when we're done as when we started - and that's how this week has been. Hopefully the next few weeks will prove to be as productive (and happy) as this one.
Also, this week is the last week of baseball for Meagan & Josh. Josh's last game was last night and Meagan's is tonight. Both kids have really enjoyed the season and can't wait until next summer to play again. They both had great coaches and they've learned a lot and their skills have really improved! Meagan even hit a homerun last week!!

One more thing - I received a package today with a copy of the July 2007 Creating Keepsakes (the 100th issue!!), and my two layouts that were in this issue. This layout was a challenge layout -- using only four products that were sent to me. And this layout was featured in a "style" column. Of course, I was pleased when I was asked to create a layout, then told that my page was being included to represent "CUTE!" I love CUTE - and take it as a great compliment!!

The kids and I spent yesterday in the backyard, playing on the slip & slide and splashing in the water...and they're ready for more now, so here we go - back out into the 95 degree heat -- gotta love summer!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

just in case...

Just in case you're dying to know more about's a little Q & A I did for the Making Memories blog: click here . :o) (by the way, that purple layout they posted is one of the first layouts I created for Making Memories years ago -- five or six years ago, in fact!)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

She turned 10...

I know everybody always says it, but seriously, how did it happen? Wasn’t she JUST barely the little girl with curly hair wearing her yellow swimsuit over her diaper? Didn’t she just fall off the table at grandma’s and break her arm, and feel more upset about having to miss a day of kindergarten than actually having a broken arm? Wasn’t she just learning how to read? I swear, it was just yesterday. Only it wasn’t. Because last Sunday, my little girl had a milestone birthday – double digits – TEN years old! She had a “friend party” on Saturday and a “family” party on Sunday (this is the second time she’s shared her birthday with her Daddy on Father’s Day). It’s becoming very obvious that she’s growing up too…she wanted pie (chocolate chip cookie pie, to be exact) for her birthday – no cute cake with little toy decorations. And here are a few more fun facts about Meagan at 10:

* She loves reading (always has) and is just about finished with the series of Unfortunate Events. And she swears the books are WAY better than the movie. I’ll take her word for it. I hated the movie, and even though she keeps asking me to read the books, I just don’t think I’m going to do it.
* We found out last month that she’s been accepted into the Gifted & Talented program for next year. She scored in the 99th percentile on the testing. She’s one smart cookie!
* She’s playing softball this summer – last night she even hit a homerun!!!
* Her baby brother adores her and oftentimes wants HER to hold him instead of ME!!
* She is a great sister to her brothers – she plays with them, takes care of them, and even reads to them.
* She loves to check her favorite websites on the internet – American Girl, E-bay (looking at American Girl stuff, and books), and checking her e-mail (Grandma sends her fun notes sometimes).
* Okay, here’s a quirky one – she actually LIKES the smell of skunks. I know – she’s a nut.
* Her favorite foods include peanut butter sandwiches, tuna fish sandwiches, peach salad, cheesecake, oh, and chocolate chip cookie pie!!
* Something she’s said a lot lately: “Mom, can I borrow your camera?” These are just a few of the awesome pictures she's taken in the last couple of days:
* Her new obsession (while school is out for the summer) is “The Price is Right.”

Tomorrow (technically, I guess that would be later TODAY since it's now in the early am of Saturday) Meagan and I get to spend the whole day together – along with Grandma, Aunt K and cousin C – a girl’s day out. We’re excited for a yummy lunch, some fun shopping, and a play at the Hale Center Theatre.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

fun times...

What do you get when you cross a 7-year-old boy, a shovel, a huge sandy/dirt area in the backyard, and 15 minutes of unsupervised time, oh and access to the garden hose? Probably something like this:

Yeah, I really should have suspected something when I saw him come in and change into his swimsuit. Oh well...he had a good time -- and the mud will come out of his suit (and my carpet) eventually...

Monday, June 18, 2007

my favorite thing...

Do you remember a few posts ago when I mentioned that Brad had changed positions within the company he works for? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, I also mentioned that there was ONE thing I was completely excited about in regards to his new job. Now, first let me mention that the schedule is better, the pay is better, he gets to drive a company truck, he isn't completely exhausted when he gets home from work (well, that's not true, his job is still exhausting - it's now more mentally and emotionally exhausting than physically exhausting though), and there are lots of other "good things" I could mention. However, my very most favorite thing about his new job is this: (by the way, this picture was a total accident - When we were on vacation last week I had my camera over my shoulder and was reaching to make sure it was turned off and took this picture. Brad wasn't even in front of me, and I didn't realize I had taken a picture of him at all. I liked what I saw when I realized I had taken the picture though, so it seemed the perfect photo to add to a post like this)

Do you see it? He is finally, after almost 14 years of marriage, able to wear his wedding ring every single day!!! It didn't really bother me that he didn't wear his ring before. I've heard all of the horror stories about men losing or nearly losing fingers because their rings got caught on machinery or equipment. In fact, my dad has never been able to wear his wedding ring for the same reason. I've never actually seen my dad wear his wedding ring, except in his wedding photos. I said, I didn't really ever think about Brad not wearing his ring until he was actually able to wear it again. And it made me so emotional. I know, it's just a ring...a little piece of jewelry. Yet it symbolizes so much. I love this guy -- SO much. I'm so grateful that he's my husband. He's such an incredible person. Not to mention an amazing daddy. I guess I just like seeing that little symbol on his hand every time I see him now -- he's mine, and now EVERYBODY who sees him knows it! lol Lucky me!

last day of school...

Okay, so school has been out for a few weeks now, but I thought I’d share a photo of the kids on the last day of school this year. They each took a little gift to their teachers and a little chocolate gift to the bus driver. I admit, I am not one to use other people’s ideas for paper crafting, but when the clock turned to 3:00 am the morning of the last day of school and I was just starting to put together these little gifts, I knew I wasn’t going to create anything beautiful if it came from my own head. So, these card sets were completely inspired by Becky Higgins. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should – she shares lots of fun ideas. I also included my favorite hand soap – the only kind I can actually use on my sensitive skin that smells pretty. Add a big chocolate bar, and our gifts were complete!

I hope the teachers enjoyed their little gifts!

And now, bring on Summer! :o)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Just in case anyone is still out there...I thought I'd take two seconds to pop in and post on my much neglected blog. We just returned from a week long (and VERY much needed vacation), but I'll share more about that later.

School's out. Baseball has started (which means games/practices every single day). Lots of stuff happening. Good stuff. I'll post more later. BUT, for this morning, I wanted to share this link to the Making Memories blog today -- a little peek into my "process." ;)

Lots to do today....didn't sleep last night, thinking about all I had to do today - is that pathetic? I did, however, watch the sun rise, and that was pleasant. Let's hope the rest of the day is equally pleasant! :o)