Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feels like Monday...

Long weekends are great....unfortunately, it just seems to delay Monday for one more day. I know it's Tuesday, but for all intents and purposes it feels like Monday. The kids are back at school, Brad is back to work (though he actually did work part of the day yesterday), the house looks like the weekend just ended (in other words, in desperate need of picking up and wiping down!), and I just feel like it's Monday! Oh well - since it's really Tuesday, the weekend is actually closer than it feels, right? Gotta keep that glass half full! :)

So, here's what we did yesterday, on our day off:

Brad worked on getting the snow cleared, Meagan and Josh froze their noses off playing outside with the neighbors,

Seth and Zach stayed inside with me, where it was a little warmer than 12 degrees, relaxing, playing, and watched the others freezing outside! Yep, we're the only sane ones!! Later in the day, I was lucky enough to have some time to work on our taxes, yep...good times! We're having computer issues at our house, luckily, my little bro is willing to come over whenever we need him and fix whatever I've messed up! Lucky me! :)

Well, happy Monday (er, I mean TUESDAY)! Here's hoping to warmer temps, happy kids, clean homes, and non-tempermental computers!!


  1. Oh happiness of America! I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for stopping in on my blog so that I would have a link to yours! I love your work and now love that I can get to know you better through your blog!

    WOW! Aren't you in Heber...or thereabouts? You guys have a ton of snow. We're just dusted out here in Riverton. Kaden is so bummed that there isn't any snow to play in. Yet another year that a brand new snowsuit has gone almost unused. LOL! We have had such mild winters out this way the past few years. Hmm. Anyway....thanks again for popping in on my blog!!

  2. WENDY SUE!!!!!

    I didn't realize you had a blog!! I'm so glad you commented on mine so I could find this out! ;o)

    You're babies are just so adorable!! How's Zach doing?! Hope all is well with you guys!

    We need to keep in touch more!! I miss the good ol' days with us! ;o)

    I'll keep you posted on the impending arrival of #3!

  3. I especially love that last photo on the floor with the train! Great perspective! Love your MARCH journal, too, and HOW FUN to be able to hang out in the creative room!