Saturday, March 29, 2008

a little scare...

Last Wednesday, we had a little scare here in our valley. Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to call a bomb threat into the Wasatch County School District office. And they didn't think they should specify which school they put a bomb in. So...every school in the entire valley was evacuated. Nice, huh? (here's the story)
My kids had to walk quite a distance from their school to the County Events Center. I got a phone call and went to pick them up. I was standing in the very LONG line, waiting to get them when I heard one of my friends call my name. She was in the front of the line and she had Meagan with her. Josh, however, had already been herded to the bus - to be given a ride home. Nice, again.
I'm glad Brenda saw Meagan and I was able to get to Josh before he was delivered home - to an empty house.
Anyway...that was not the actual scary part for us. After getting Meagan and Josh safely on their way, they each told me their throats were hurting...and I could tell they were struggling to breathe. Apparently, my two kiddos have inherited my allergy to horses. (there were horses in the events center - pending the college rodeo happening this weekend) We hurried to the store to get benadryl and a cold drink for them (did I mention it was cold and windy??? It was.) Anyway, Meagan recovered fairly quickly after taking the medicine. Josh, my little asthma sufferer, however, took a bit longer to recover - like 24 hours longer. We gave him his asthma med. and a breathing treatment as soon as we got home...but it still took a while for everything to return to normal.
Thankfully, neither of them were scared about the potential bomb. They were fine to go back to school on Thursday. Now we know they are allergic to horses and can take measures to prevent breathing problems in the future.
Now I only hope they can catch the jerk who thought a bomb threat would be funny...I can't believe, after everything that has happened in the world in the last few years, that someone would think this was a fun prank. I have to admit that after Wednesday, I was starting to think seriously about home schooling...too bad I'm such an impatient kids would be completely miserable...
The bottom line is - I'm so sad that our little community has to be affected by terrible people like this.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! I heard about that on the news. So scary that people can just play with others lives like that. I'm glad your kids are feeling better and that everything worked out.

    And, I would LOVE to home-school Lily. I've been seriously thinking about it...

  2. that's crazy. we've had several lock-downs at a few schools here in town (luckily, not my kids school) ... and i know how stressful that has been for a few friend's who can't get to their kids until the lock-down is lifted.

    and glad to hear the kids are ok. isn't asthma so scary sometimes? alyssa is highly allergic to dogs ... and my parents have a dog. so whenever she goes over, she ends up not being to breathe. luckily we can get it pretty quick with her inhalers and medicine. plus, we know at what point to get the heck out of there. lol!

    if it makes you feel better ... i would make a terrible home-schooler. lol! i have zilch patience when it comes to school stuff ... and i'm not very focused either!

  3. If I can homeschool you could too. It's worth the sacrifice of us Moms. If you choose a curriculum like the Alpha Omega Life Pacs or the Switched on Schoolhouse it easy. I am homeschooling my 17 year old cuz the school here has a stupid grading system and they don't enforce their dress code or any other rules. from Maine