Wednesday, September 18, 2013

northridge publishing digital issues–more information & a coupon code…

Once upon a time, I used to purchase the Northridge Publishing magazines and idea books individually – always at a store that allowed me to use a coupon.  To be completely honest, I felt the cost, while definitely worth it for the quality, was a little steep for my budget.  I would take my discounted issue and pour over it – I loved the variety and quality of the projects and the photography made each issue feel more like a coffee table book than a regular old magazine – seriously gorgeous.  Then I started working for Northridge Publishing…dream. come. true.  Seriously.  And shortly after that, they stopped printing their magazines.  What?  I know – I was devastated to hear the news.  But then, I found out that the issues would still be available in digital format.  Although I loved my paper issues, I found comfort in the knowledge that the digital issues would still offer the same high quality projects and photography – and while it’s not the same as having a “real” paper issue in my hands, it’s close.  Especially since they’ve also launched an app that allows me to access all of these fun extra features (like clicking straight through to designer’s blogs, accessing tips and tricks, and finding sources for product) easily!

So, while the paper issues are a thing of the past, I am really beginning to love and appreciate the digital issues too!  And here’s perhaps the best part – they are SO affordable now!  You can get an “all-access-pass” for less than $10/month.  What is an all-access pass?  It allows you to see all SIX monthly issues for one low (super low) price!  Click HERE (or on the image below) to find out more about all-access-passes and to see each of the publications included.


If you’re not 100% convinced already, or if you aren’t familiar with the Northridge family of publications, here’s a great opportunity for you to check them out for only ONE dollar.  Yep, one buckarooni – just click HERE and you can see all SIX magazines for only a dollar!

Of course, you can also purchase each issue individually for $4.99.  Here are links to a few of the magazines available each month.

Scrapbook Trends:


Create: Idea Book Series:




Of course, the all-access pass is the BEST deal and I highly recommend it! :)


And, as a bonus for my readers, here are a couple of awesome coupon codes you can use:

for 50% off of single issue purchases just use the code “friendsandfamily50” at checkout.

and for 20% off recurring for subscriptions use the code “friendsandfamily20” at checkout.

{edited to remove giveaway after the deadline…just to eliminate confusion!!}


  1. I have checked out and ordered some of the digital magazines before but I really like being able to walk with my magazine or sit outside when looking at it and I can't really do that with digital. Thanks for the coupons!

  2. I've ordered a couple of the back issues and love the fact that I can keep them digitally and look at them on my tablet rather than paper copies taking over my craft room, thanks for the chance to win some issues too, hugs Lindsey

  3. I finally gave in and ordered the print issue of Cricut magazine after buying it from the store several months in a row. i loved it and used it and right after i ordered and paid NP quit with the printed issues. Most disappointing thing ever! I was told I'd have an all access pass to replace what I had paid and it's never worked for me. Seriously not a happy customer. Unfortunately the other magazine I subscribe to just did the same thing. I'm sad all the print, real life, pages in your hands mags are going away. I pour over them again and again. Boo. Anyway, sad story over. I need to get used to the digital I just don't like to spend that much time on the computer and I don't have a pad to haul around.

  4. Lots of magazines are going to digital. On one hand, I can carry a dozen magazines on my Ipad and flip through them for inspiration. But I also miss flipping through the actual pages.

  5. I spend a lot of time on my computer and like the idea of not having a lot of clutter from magazines all over the place. Having said that, I have to admit that I do find it so relaxing to curl up with a "real" magazine or book in my hands.

  6. I think it's great that digital issues are available since otherwise we wouldn't be able to access any information. The alternative would be no scrapbooking magazines! I personally use my print copies to look over for ideas to jumpstart my creativity. When I'm out of ideas, I take them out and look through them.

  7. I love my paper issues of Cards! It's fun to check out the digital mags too. Didn't know about the all-access-pass! Sounds like a great deal!
    Thanks for a chance to win some printed issues from you!

  8. So happy that I linked to your blog today from Doodlebug! I didn't know about the all-access pass...thank you! Congrats on your new design team too!

  9. Hi Wendy Sue! I've purchased the all-access pass right at the beginning, but sadly I find I almost never take the time to have a look at the magazines any more. I loved my printed copy! I would sit in my favorite corner of the room with my fav coffee and fav scrapbook magazine ... not any more. I'm sitting behind my computer almost the whole day (either in the office or at home) and definitely don't want to spend even more time behind it! So no, definitely not an improvement as far as I'm concerned :(.