Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I got an e-mail last night about the water bottle that is tucked into the pocket of Zach’s backpack.


Normally, the elementary school kids aren’t allowed to have water at their desks…but since it’s IMPERATIVE for Zach to stay hydrated (if you are new to my blog, you can read about his stroke HERE), they will make an exception for him.

We purchased water BOBBLES for Zach…and for all of our kids this summer.

 Product Details

I love that they have their own water filters – and you can replace the filter too! 

Product Details

They come in a rainbow of colors so everyone could (potentially) have their own color.  No mixing up water bottles.  But, as things often go with little boys…they ALL wanted black…so I wrote their names on the bottom anyway.  Meagan chose PINK.  Mine is TURQUOISE.

We bought ours at Old Navy, but I didn’t see them there the last time I went.  You can purchase them from  In fact, here’s a cool “family pack” that would be perfect if you needed more than one or two! 

I think Bobbles would make great gifts too – after all, it’s a LOT more fun to drink water when it tastes fresh and it’s in a CUTE bottle!

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