Friday, July 01, 2011

slice fabrique tip…

Hi there!  Since I’m finally back to feeling creative, I’m picking up where I left off with my Friday Slice tips!  Today I have a tip about cutting fabric with the Slice Fabrique (or even the Slice Elite if that’s what you happen to own). 

You already know you can cut lightweight fabrics with your Slice, but did you know you can cut heavier fabric, such as decorator fabric, with your Slice as well?  Let me show you:

Here are two different types of fabric.  .


The polka-dot fabric is a lightweight cotton fabric.


The beautiful damask fabric is a much heavier decorator/upholstery fabric.


**Before you begin cutting, be sure to iron on some fusible web.

**You will also want to use the hands-free cutting mat to get the best results for this technique.

Let’s start with the lighter fabric.  Smooth the fabric down onto the cutting mat (if your mat is nice and sticky with fresh adhesive, it will always cut the fabric more easily).  Select your design (I am cutting a “w” from the ‘tis the season fabrique design card) – go ahead and start your cut.sf4

It works just like paper – perfect with the first cut:


Now, let’s cut the heavier fabric.


Yikes, here’s what happened the first time I tried to cut the heavier fabric using one “pass” with the Slice:


As you can see, it did not cut completely through:


Don’t worry – it’s an easy fix…and now that you’ve read this tip here, you’ll know BEFORE you begin cutting so you won’t have to waste any expensive fabric.  Go ahead and do your first cut:


Now, do NOT lift the Slice to check the fabric.  After the first cut is complete, just go ahead and select the same cut and let it cut one more time.  Remember – do not lift or adjust the positioning in any way:


Okay, now that the second pass is complete, go ahead and remove the Slice from the mat…this is what your piece should look like now – another perfect “W.”


I haven’t ever had to do a third pass, but I’m assuming that if your fabric is even thicker than mine, you could do another cut to get nice clean edges.


Remember to check out the Slice Fabrique page on Facebook as well as the Slice Fabrique Website & Blog for more tips and tricks! 

Happy Friday! :o)

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  1. O WOW I have just got to STOP and sit down one day and try this I LOVE IT!!! Thank you!!