Thursday, January 27, 2011

don’t you love it…

…when you can get a GREAT DEAL on something you use and LOVE every single day?  7 for $20 is a good deal but it gets even better…

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap > 5 for $15 or 7 for $20!

I just signed up to get my HALF PRICE Bath & Body Works voucher from Groupon


You can get one too…just click HERE!

For $15, I will be able to order $30 worth of soaps, lotions, or candles or whatever I want! :o)

There’s also an option to buy a $20 voucher for $10.

Honestly, my skin does not like lotions or soaps.  For years I was forced to use only Cetaphil…which is awesome…but it doesn’t smell yummy.  I have discovered, though, that for whatever reason, B&BW soaps do not irritate my skin.  And they smell so so good.  I have these soaps at every sink in my house and I never like to run out, so I buy a bunch every time I go to the Bath & Body Works stores. 


My favorite is kitchen lemon.  But I love having all of the fun seasonal options they offer.  In fact, I just placed an order (online) earlier this week for their new scents – can’t wait until they arrive!

Oh, and the turnaround time for your code is super fast.  I think my code came in like 2 minutes…so I can place an order right now – perfect! :o)

Get your groupon soon…before they run out! :o)

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  1. We don't have that yummy store here in Croatia but my sister in law always brings me some when they visit! yum!