Sunday, February 01, 2009

why i watched the super bowl...

...the advertisements, of course!

This is one of my favorites (but I'm sure more husbands than wives liked it...and I definitely want some of those "angry eyes"):

I dare you to watch this and NOT laugh (and not want to say "I'm good" all day)

even if you are NOT a man:

See if you can watch this without gasping or flinching at the end:

see, everyone wants to open happiness

(i don't like bugs, but you can't blame them for craving a coke...yum):

Meagan and Josh's favorite:

and this is just one to put a tune in your head...and make you smile:

I could have definitely done without the go daddy crap though...i thought it was quite inappropriate.

And although I definitely only tuned for the commercials, I will say that I watched a good portion of the game and enjoyed it.  I didn't have a favorite (obviously, since I'm pretty much ignorant about all things football), but I loved that it wasn't a blowout like so many people were predicting.  :o)


  1. Mr & Mrs Potato Head were my favorite as well. I facebook'd them. I just love those two taters!

  2. i missed the potato head one ... that was funny! and i DO have those angry eyes ... use them on joe and the kids all the time. lol!

  3. Buggers! Now I'm curious but it says the video is not available outside the US. We miss all the good stuff...Hmmmphh!

  4. Oh! I'm so glad I visited your blog this morning. I was having a MORNING and needed a good laugh. Thanks for giving me one!