Monday, November 24, 2008

cleaning, organizing, purging, and selling....

I've been trying to clean and organize a lot recently. One of the big projects (one that I've been putting off for WAY too long) was going through old idea books and magazines. I am a bit of an idea book junkie...and I tend to hang on to these books forever because they still have tons of great projects, ideas, and inspiration in them. However, the time has come to part with some of my beloved idea books...because I'm simply running out of space. So, once again (I did this last spring too...see, I told you I have a ton of idea books), I thought I'd see if anyone who visits my blog would be interested in a great deal on some awesome inspiration!

I'll list the idea books I'm selling, along with a price. If you're interested just leave a comment or e-mail me. I'll sell them on a first come, first served basis. Shipping will be USPS priority mail. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you my PayPal information, get your mailing information, and get your books on their merry little way asap!! :o)

Designing with Simplicity (Autumn Leaves) - $3  SOLD

 Scrapbook Inspiration (Simple Scrapbooks) - $2  SOLD

Scrapbooking with kits & coordinates (Simple Scrapbooks) - $2  SOLD

paper_ideas Scrapbooks Etc. Paper Ideas (Better Homes and Gardens) - $1

 Party Creations (Paper Crafts) - $1 {The cover is slightly torn along the spine}  SOLD

 The Scrapbook Idea Book, 2001 (Creating Keepsakes) - $2  SOLD

creative_cards Creative Cards by Becky Higgins (Creating Keepsakes) - $2

scrapbooking_secretsScrapbooking Secrets by Becky Higgins (Creating Keepsakes) - $2

hall_of_fame_2003 2003 Hall of Fame (Creating Keepsakes) - $1

 Scrapbooks Etc. Family Connections (Better Homes and Gardens) - $1  SOLD

the_art_of_scrapbooking The Art of Scrapbooking by Helen Williams (PaperKuts) - $1

 A Simple Guide to Scrapbooking Celebrations (Simple Scrapbooks) - $1  SOLD

The Big Idea Book of Seasonal Memories (CK) - $1  SOLD

frame_ups_bright_idea_book Frame-Ups Bright Idea Book (MME) - $.50 {the free product insert has been removed}

 Scrapbooks Etc. Paper Ideas, Holiday (Better Homes and Gardens) - $1  SOLD

ki_memories_little_book_big_ideas Little Book of Big Ideas (KI Memories) - $2

ki_memories_little_book_big_ideas_supplement Little Book of Big Ideas Supplement (KI Memories) - $1 {brand new - still in shrink wrap}

ki_memories_little_book_big_ideas_supplementLittle Book of Big Ideas Supplement (KI Memories) - $1 {brand new - still in shrink wrap}

stampin_up_2003_2004 2003-2004 Idea Book & Catalog (Stampin' Up!) - $1

stampin_up_2004_2005 2004-2005 Idea Book & Catalog (Stampin' Up!) - $1designing_with_notions Designing with Notions - $2

tagging_along Tagging Along with Katherine Brookes (Deluxe Designs) - $1

 Baby Oh Baby (PaperKuts) - $1   SOLD

simple_scrapbooks Simple Scrapbooks -$1 {the original book that inspired the magazine}

at_home at Home Scrapbooking with Faye Morrow Bell (CK) - $2{brand new in original shrink wrap}

at_homeat Home Scrapbooking with Faye Morrow Bell (CK) - $2{brand new in original shrink wrap}

...and the last one for today...

gooseberry_patch_book2 Gooseberry Patch Christmas volume 2 - $2

And if you're interested in something but feel I've priced it badly, please, let me know, okay? I just want to make room on my shelves for more idea books and hopefully pass along these loved books to someone who will appreciate them! :o)


  1. Hi, Wendy. I'm interested in 3 of them:
    Scrapbook Inspirations ($2)
    Scrapbooking with Kits/Coordinates ($2)
    Scrapbooks Ets Family Collection ($1)
    Drop me an email if they're not gone when you get this comment, and I'll send you a check or paypal... along with my address!

  2. Oops - forgot my email address:

  3. wow ... some of those books take me WAY back. lol! bet it feels good to clean some out ... i need to do that a little too!

  4. Thanks, Wendy!
    Check's in the mail! (via PayPal!)

  5. I can totally relate! I'm an idea book junky, too. I also keep way too many magazines. I've started purging a bit as well. Good luck decluttering!

  6. Hi Wendy.. I'm interested in the Goosberry Patch book... the last one on your list. My e-mail is

    Just let me know where to send the check. Thanks!

  7. HI - wow I love when you clear out your idea books because I crazy about idea books too !!

    I would love to buy the following if still available - let me know how !

    - paper ideas holiday
    - the big idea book of seasonal mem.
    - party creations
    - scrapbooking celebrations

    Jane (I'm from Canada but get stuff mailed from US all the time)

  8. Hi - here is my email address !!

    (I'm the one that loved 3 of your books !)


  9. I would love the designing with simplicity book!
    Here's my paypal email: